I wanted to nourish my hair and skin with the wealth of nature in a healthy toxin and chemical free manner, now I am sharing my products with other like minded people who are re learning how to care for themselves without the expense of another whilst protecting the environment.

Malmal in English means Myrrh. My aim with this leg of my journey is to create beauty products that are 100% natural & luxurious.

Growing up in England being Somali, at home I would come to learn the benefits of the natural products women used in Somalia. The benefits of the aloe Vera plant, gob tree, safflower.

As I grew up did a degree in health & well being, understanding the importance of holistic health. The turning point was when I moved to Somalia & what I used on my hair and body here in England were not available, so the local women became great teachers. I came to see the immense difference the natural products had on my hair and body.

When we came back and I did further research on the everyday products on the shelf here in the uk I came to see the serious damage that they cause as 60-80% of what we put on our body enters out blood stream.

This is what what encouraged me not to change my habits here in the uk but to extend this into this shop. Having received great feedback from family & friends that have become regular costumers as they could see the benefits of the products themselves.