Hi my loves,

So the website has been up for a little while & although I’m still getting the hang of it, the blog side is one aspect I have been very excited about from the get go.
Just wanted to take the time to say THANK YOU so much for all your love and support. This is the kick off for the monthly newsletter with advice & information on all things natural, healthy and most importantly holistic.
The word Malmal is the translation for myrrh in Somali. The reason why I chose this name is because myrrh is a very powerful medicinal tree which to me is a true reflection of natural beauty. Nature has all the answers for us to live & look our best. I want to share the immense power nature has to offer us with you. Making sure all the products are food grade, 100% natural, simple & straight forward. If you can’t eat it, it sure as hell should not touch your hair or skin. The skin is one of the largest organs in our body. So it’s crucial that we pay attention to what goes on it. Diet & exercise are very important aspects of life but what goes on our hair & skin has a big impact on our well-being too which sometimes gets forgotten.

I will go on to break this down further in future blogs. I just wanted to take this time to say hi & thank you for being on this journey with me.

until next time,