This is a face mask that based on a recipe passed down generations In my family. It’s deep cleansing, smoothing & exfoliating face mask. That leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and supple.

This nutritious rich mask contains the power of turmeric which has amazing healing properties for the skin. It reduces pigmentation, inflammation and gives the skin a all round glow.

Qasil gives this face mask another layer effectiveness with its excellent cleansing properties, which also works as a gentle exfoliant in this mask. Qasil is great to restore the moisture content in the skin which is vital in the nourishment of skin. Amongst other things qasil also helps the skin look supple and smooth whilst enhancing the complexion.The people of east Africa have been using qasil in their daily skin and hair care routine for generations, the power of this tree we learnt from our foremothers and this has been passed down generation to generation.

*make sure you thoroughly wash off the mask as turmeric may leave a yellowish stain, as its 100% organic and natural turmeric.